Pomeranian Mixed With Husky: The Pomsky Dog Breed Information With Pictures.

Have you ever wondered if Pomeranian Mixed With Husky, also commonly known as The Pomsky Dog Breed, is right for you and your growing family?

 In this post, we break down everything you need to know about Pomsky dog breed Information along With Pictures.

The Pomeranian, mixed with Husky, also known as Pomsky, is a new breed that is becoming very popular because of its beautiful appearance. 

The dog is a crossbreed and a mixture of Siberian husky and Pomeranian. This breed has attracted many people’s attention and gained popularity in a short period because of their good-looking appearance and the fact that the two most popular dog cross makes them.

 Till today this breed is trendy in America and continues to become popular around the world.

History and Origin of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky

This dog is a very modern breed mostly found in America and Europe However, the history of the original two breeds comes a long way. 

The Pomeranian is a breed that is very small and weighs about 5 to 7 pounds. They originate from Germany and are named after the Pomeranian province in Germany, where they were first recognized in 1888 by AKC. 

The breed was a very excellent watchdog because of their activeness and interest in everything happening around them. 

When they sense or see something suspicious happening around them, they bark a lot to let the house owner know. 

They are very good with children and also make an excellent friend to dog lovers.

As for the Huskies, they are not good guard dogs and also tend to be very aggressive towards other dogs. 

The husky dog breed originates in a Siberian region of Russia’s mainland territory, and we’re bred by the Chukchi people who lived in the cold environments of the Siberian Arctic.

No wonder the Huskies’ dog breeds were predominantly bred for their strength and are revered for being hard-working dogs that would pull sleds and carts in the cold and icy areas like Siberia. 

Naturally, the dog’s nature is aggressive but can be the right house pet if trained well at a young age.

The Pomeranian mixed with Husky is crossed through artificial insemination, the hybrid gained popularity in 2017 and is said to be the most adorable, cute dog in the world.

The appearance of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky

The hybrid looks like fluffy miniature wolves and it is because of their beauty and unique many people around the world adore them. 

However, just like most hybrid breeds, the actual appearance of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky can also be unpredictable in nature.

And, taking from recent dog breed mixtures, some of the most respected Pomeranian and Husky dog breeders are still trying to create the perfect look for this breed.

However, most of the other dog breeds seem to gravitate towards the Husky side of the family but are smaller in size. 

The breed comes in different colors, be it black, white, grey, brown, etc. from both sides of the original strain. They have a lot of furs that tend to shed a lot.

Temperament/Characteristics of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky

This cute, silly, and super friendly dog is suitable for the apartment too. More than anything, the dog likes to be the center of attention. If their cute, adorable appearance and friendly character, they always get the attention they long for. 

However, their temperament can, at times, be tough to predict and will most likely depend on each dog’s genetic make-up. 

The hybrid Pomeranian mixed with Husky inherits it’s desirable traits from the husky and Pomeranian. 

Pomeranian Mixed With Husky Dog Breed Characteristics

Here are some of the breed has the following Characteristics:

  • Fluffy And Cuddly Dog Breed: The Pomskies as they are often referred to for being a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mixed designer dogs, they are cuddly, and well-loved by families.
  • They are very intelligent Dog Breed: Both the Pomeranian and the husky breed are Known to be very intelligent breeders, so it’s obvious that the mixture bof the two will also be very bright and intelligent. 
  • Pomeranian mixed with Huskies are attentive: Firstly, they respond very well to training, they are super fast leaders and they tend to pay attention to everything happening around them. This is because the husky side of the family were trained to be watch dogs in the past. 
  • Pomeranian Mixed With Siberian Huskies Are an Active Type Of Dog Breed: If you are a home bird, who likes to curl up on a sofa all day in and shy away from outdoor living, Pomeranian mixed with Siberian Husky is not ideal for you! 
  • Socially Intune:  Pomskies are excitable and always in a jolly mood! So, if you need a social dog, then tap on this hybrid dog breed. And, if you give them enough attention and do some activities together as this will very much help enhance their abilities. Always teach them new tricks, socialize them with other dogs as this will also help enhance their abilities.
  • They are very friendly and playful: If raised well, trained well at a young age, this hybrid grows to be very friendly towards kids and others around. 

However, if not socialized from a young age this can develop into small dog syndrome, meaning they’ll become overprotective and feisty with strangers. 

With all things considered, it merely means it’s a must to socialize your dog at a young age. This means the social interaction they get as they grow up gets them used to having children around, other dogs, and other animals.

  • They are loving: As said before, this hybrid loves seeking attention; it’s in their nature social to seek love and earth and if they find it, they always return the favor.
  • They are known to be very talkative: This hybrid is known to be very talkative because of both sides of the family, Huskies are known as talkative dogs with their vast repertoire of howls and whines and Pomeranians are big barkers- sometimes, this obviously means the offspring is talkative as well
  • They are known to be very protective of their owners: The hybrid inherits this trait from the husky side of the family, they are very good guard dogs and they are very attentive to everything happening around them. They don’t react well to strangers and this is their way of being protective.

Exercise requirements of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky

This hybrid is very energetic and requires enough exercise. So make sure you walk them frequently throughout the day and allocate at least an hour of your time each day for some fun games and playtimes! 

Training requirements of the hybrid

As we said before, this hybrid is very intelligent and responds well to training. 

However, they can, at times, be very stubborn (a trait inherited from the Pomeranian side of the family) so it should be handled with care and enough attention when training, if this is not done, the hybrid will have “small dog syndrome”.

Pomskies Grooming requirements As the hybrid Mix With Siberian Husky

Pomeranian mix with Husky dog breeds are synonymous with shedding a lot. And the coat seems a little bit of a challenge to maintain, especially where flea infestation is rampant. 

So daily brushing to remove tangles, dead hair, and dander is very advised to keep your dog in good condition. Brushing the coat is also essential to keep it clean and well moisturized. 

The hybrid should be bathed once every three months or when they get filthy. 

Trim their nails once in a while but avoid trimming the coat because it helps them regulate their body temperature when it’s cold or hot, so Simply don’t mess up with the cost. Take good care of it.

Health concerns of the breed

Some people believe that hybrid dogs tend to be healthier than the original breeds because of their larger Gene pool, but the evidence to back on that is not found. 

We know that if both the husky and Pomeranians are prone to contracting certain health problems, so will the hybrid contract the same health issues. 

But both Huskies and Pomeranian are said to be healthy breeds. But still, each dog will have Health issues, below are the health concerns of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky:

  • The dog may have to deal with Dilated cardiomyopathy, a very common heart disease that affects dogs. It progresses quickly and will cause breathing problems, coughing, loss of appetite and weakness.
  • Eye problems: Pomskies eyes is yet one of other issues these hybrid dog breeds may have to deal with. But not all is doom and groom with Pomeranian mixed with Huskies. Entropion, a condition that causes eyelids to Start to roll inside, is very common in Huskies, it’s inherited to the hybrid and tends to get worse if not treated.
  • Dental Problems For Pomeranian Mix With Huskies: The breed is also prone to dental issues and ear infections, but the condition can be avoided if the dog gets enough care and attention.
  • Pomsky Collapsing Trachea: Designer dog breeds like Pomskies, which are a mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian, can also get attacked with symptoms including struggling for breath and coughing.

Quick Tip: Immediately when you start noticing weird symptoms on your dog, it’s highly advised to take your little friend to the veterinarian near you!

The lifespan of the Pomeranian mixed with Husky

The Pomskies lifespan is 13-15 years. However, Pomeranian mixed with Siberian Husky has only been made more of a popular breed less than 9 years ago.

With that said, it is fair to concede that their actual lifespan is unknown. Still, dog experts have given them a rough estimate of their lifespan according to the original breed lifespan.  

So, if you want to take dog breed experts at their claim, it means that this hybrid can live up to 13 to 15 years.

Pros And Cons of Pomsky Dog breed(Pomeranian Mixed With Siberian Husky)

  • This breed is trendy till today, so if you get yourself a Pomsky you’re in fashion
  • This breed makes a very good house pet, Pomsky dog breeds are friendly and good around children.
  • The hybrid is very intelligent and super easy to train
  • They are protective, loyal and affectionate
  • If well trained at a young age, they become good around other animals and strangers too.

Pomskies Cons

  • This breed is very expensive and has a high maintenance coat, so you have to care about combing, brushing and clipping, otherwise you will see your dog’s hairs everywhere in your house. 
  • This breed is also expensive because they are bred by artificial breeding that is expensive
  • The breed sheds way too much
  • The hybrid suffers from health issues that can be expensive to get treatment for.
  • Since it’s a new breed, it’s full characters are still not known.

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