Pitbull Mixed With German Shepherd: A Complete Owners Information Guide With Pictures

The Pitbulls mixed with German Shepherds are a mixed breed between the American pit bull terrier and the German Shepherds. These two breeds are known for being extremely aggressive, and the same can also be said for the mixed breed.

Pitbull Mixed With German Shepherd playing with a dog toy for heavy chewers

The hybrid is also known as the German sheppit or German pit. Yes, the hybrid is known for being aggressive just like the original breeds, but with the right training, friendly environment, they can also be very kind, loving, and playful dogs. 

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd.

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Breed history and origin

To fully understand this mixed breed, it’s essential to know their history and where they originate from…

The American pitbull is a brilliant breed. It originated from bull breeds in the United Kingdom, and when the breed was made known in America, the name changed to ‘American Pitbull terrier. 

These American Pitbulls were trained to be fighting dogs, but because of their demeanor and friendly character around kids, they soon became nanny dogs.

As for the German Shepherd, it originated I 1899 as a hunting and herding dog in Germany, they were very intelligent in nature and hard-working too.

So, the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd became known in America in 2000, so the hybrid is both intelligent, loving and hard-working.

The appearance of a pitbull mixed with German Shepherd

Well, it’s hard to tell how a mixed breed will exactly look like, but this breed mixture is more likely to have the face of the pitbull, with a broad head and short muzzle. 

The breed then comes in many different colors, be it white, black, brown, fawn tan, and grey. This breed also has muscular physiques, just like the pit bull terrier and German Shepherd.

 These dogs grow to become large, and a full-grown breed will weigh about 29 to 38 kgs.

Temperament/ characteristics of a pitbull mixed with German Shepherd

The temperament of a mixed breed will always be a different combination. 

So this breed also has different combinations of characters and has the following traits:

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd is very intelligent: Since both the pitbull and the German Shepherd are intelligent breeds, so is the mixture. The hybrid responds very well to training and commands and they are fast learners too. 

But it’s recommended to start training them when they are young, let’s say 8 weeks old, at this stage they’ll be intelligent enough to follow commands and understand the training a bit.

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd have high energy: This breed is known for being energetic; therefore they require regular exercise, at least an hour walk in the morning and a 30 minutes walk in the evening is recommended. 

If exercise is not given to this breed, they turn to naughty behaviors, such as hole-digging, chewing shoes, and unnecessary and annoying barking. So the exercise helps prevent this by keeping the dog happy and relaxed.

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd dogs are very loving and loyal if trained well: This pitbull mixed with German Shepherd is a very affectionate dog if you train and raise it the tight way.

 If raised well and trained well, they will love being around people and hence making them the best family dog anyone could ask for. They don’t like being alone so you should let them be by themselves for a short period of time, let’s say 3 ton4 hours. 

This breed has a very protective nature because of the German Shepherd breed who were breed to guard the livestock, so this mixture will not respond very well to strangers coming into your house, they will become hostile as a way of protecting their home. 

So in order to prevent just cases, you should socialize your dog with people when they are young so that they grow up used to having people around them.

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd dogs have a leadership nature: This is because of the German Shepherd relative who were herders.

These are the four main characteristics of a pitbull mixed with German Shepherd, some of these characteristics can be changed at an early stage do that you can have a good house pet which people in the neighborhood will not be scared of.

Health concerns of a pitbull mixed with German Shepherd

This breed has a lifespan of 10- 12 years if they are well taken care of and also because they have a very healthy lifestyle. However, every dog has certain health issues so as the owner, you need to be aware of them so that your dog receives treatment and care at the right and needed time. 

Below we have listed the health concerns of the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd:

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd are prone to skin irritation

This mixed between a Pitbull with German Shepherd inherits the skin irritation problem from the pitbull terrier side of the family.

And this is evident given the fact that pitbull terrier breeds tend to have a very sensitive skin which reacts strongly to harsh environmental factors and insect bites such as fleas and ticks. 

To prevent your dog from these conditions, always use a high-quality tick and flea treatment. Also, make sure you feed your dog foods that are rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, this can help improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat, while also preventing inflammation.

Your dog may suffer from hip dysplasia: This is a health condition whereby your dog will have to deal with joint paint. This condition may begin in dogs as they grow old, and it’s a condition inherited from both the German Shepherd and the pit bull terrier. 

To avoid this health condition, it is imperative that you maintain the weight of the dog, it must have a very healthy weight to avoid stressing the hip joint.

They man suffer from atopic dermatitis

This health condition is inherited from the American pit bull terrier, and they are said to have an increased susceptibility to allergic reactions such as atopic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition that comes as a result of environmental factors such as mold spores and grass. 

So it’s always advised to keep your home clean and to also watch out for increased pesticide use at dog parks as they will prevent the presence of atopic dermatitis on your dog.

The lifespan of Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd Breed

The pitbull mixed with German Shepherd breed has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years if well taken care of.

Exercise Needs of the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd

This breed has a very strong and solid physique and therefore requires a high level of both physical and mental exercise to stay in the best shape and behavior. 

A one hour walk in the morning and a 30 minutes walk in the morning is recommended. This breed is not easy to train hence not suitable for someone who doesn’t have any experience with dogs.

To tame this dog, you need to be very strong and authoritative, or else the dog its self will try to tame and dominate you. 

Take extreme measures and use positive methods of training, which the dog will appreciate as time goes by.

Behavior with Other Animals and Children

If not trained well at a younger age, the dog grows to be very aggressive to strangers and other dogs. The dog should also be prepared to socialize well with children to prevent the kids from triggering the aggressive trait and hence getting hurt.

When well trained at a young age, the dog becomes loyal, loving, and friendly to everybody, especially kids. So it’s highly recommended to train it if you want it to become a good house pet.

Grooming Requirements of the breed

The dog needs to be trained at a younger age for it to have good behaviors, the training should include potty training, teeth brushing, and hair brushing to avoid spells of aggression and lost temper. 

With the help of a wide-tooth comb, brush his coat from top to bottom. The dog requires to be bathed once a week, especially during the times of shedding. 

It’s also essential to check for ear infections and wipe his ears once a week and brush his teeth thrice weekly. 

When it comes to nail trimming, you should hire a groomer to avoid cutting the nails too deep and hurting your dog. That’s all the care the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd will require.

Is the pitbull mixed with German Shepherd good for you?

After reading and understanding all the information we have provided here about this breed, it’s vital to sit down and think if the dog is the right one for you and your family.

 As for most designer dog breeds like Pomeranian mixed with Siberian Husky, if trained well at an earlier stage, the dog can be amiable, loving, and loyal to the family, they require your attention and care. Is this breed right for you? Only YOU can answer this question.

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