Liquid Ironite vs Granular Ironite(which one is better)

Liquid Ironite is the Ironite that is in liquid form and can be sprayed over grass, or plants with the aid of a spray container, or sprayer tank while Granular Ironite is Ironite which exists in the form of granules and using the help of a broadcast spreader, it can be applied directly unto the grass. Read on to find out more about these forms of Ironite. 

Which One Is Better, Liquid Ironite or Granular Ironite?

When it comes to keeping your lawn green and healthy, there are some people who would argue that liquid ironite is the way to go while others prefer granulated ironite. 

In general, liquid ironite is better than granular ironite. The main difference between using a granular or liquid form of ironite is how long you’ll have to wait before seeing results. A liquid based ironite  is a fast-acting solution that will typically give better results than dry granular fertilizer. When used at an appropriate time during the season liquid Ironite works better because of its faster uptake in foliage by plants.

It all comes down to your personal preferences since both of these Ironite products help your grass become greener. Although this is the case, Liquid Ironite provides faster nutrient absorption and the nutrients are spread evenly. Liquid Ironite can still cause permanent staining to adjacent walkways and driveways. When it comes to granular Ironite, it is relatively cheaper and it does not depend on the weather to be applied although it has a slow release as compared to liquid Ironite and it also involves the issue of uneven spread. 

1. What is Liquid ironite and granular ironite.

Liquid ironite and granular ironite are the two types of liquid and solid ferrous sulfate-based fertilizers. Iron is an essential nutrient for plant growth, but without sufficient amounts of it in soil, plants will suffer from iron deficiency (and other nutrients). Liquid ironite contains a large percentage of water to deliver more dissolved oxygen than granular ironite, which makes it better at stimulating root growth. 

 Liquid ironite review

Liquid Ironite is the Ironite that is in liquid form and can be sprayed over grass, or plants with the aid of a spray container, or sprayer tank. Grass blades are helped by the liquid Ironite to absorb the supplement and this is done at a faster rate. This is most suitable for growers who are looking for fast results. Alkaline Sandy soil works well with liquid Ironite. 

Over the years, people have switched to using liquid Ironite rather than granular Ironite. The application can be done on the ground, or foliar. When the foliar method of application is used, the leaves are what absorb the plant nutrients, and these are more suitable for plant use than when the ground method is used. 

The unknown fact is that when the foliar method of application is used, the availability of nutrients does not last that long, and can not reach the rest of the season. Mid-season deficiencies are corrected by foliar applications. 

The use of liquid Ironite is probably the most popular application method as compared to the granular method of application. 

The drawback of using liquid Ironite is that it can reach unintended places if you are not careful during the application. You can choose one of your hands to be used in applying the liquid Ironite to make sure all the Ironite is gotten out and that the plastic should not be stained. 

Make sure you are extra careful when applying the liquid Ironite near any sidewalks, or driveways since any concrete is prone to be permanently stained by the liquid Ironite. Anything that will come into contact with your liquid Ironite will attain an orange color. That is why it is important to have a rag at all costs so that any spillage should be wiped off immediately. 

When the liquid Ironite has been applied, give it the time of about a full day so that it soaks in fully. It is of paramount importance that the instructions on the bottle should be strictly followed when the liquid Ironite is being applied. Your grass might turn gray/black if too much of the liquid Ironite is applied. 

A slight brown tint might be shown on your grass after the liquid Ironite is applied. Do not worry about this, it’s normal. Once water is applied, this will disappear. 

Granular Ironite review

Granular Ironite is Ironite that exists in the form of granules and using the help of a broadcast spreader, it can be applied directly to the grass. The grass needs to be watered immediately after the granular Ironite has been spread unto the plant. Granular Ironite works best with loamy or clay soil. 

 Some people have a preference for getting iron through Milorganite. As much as this might help, but you will end up getting less amount of Iron. Every bag of Milorganite has about 2.5% Iron which is not enough to provide great results. 

This is where Granular Ironite comes in as it has a much higher iron content, estimated at 20%. Another benefit of this product is that your lawn will not be burnt since it does not contain a lot of nitrogen. 

Granular Ironite has to be applied to your plants in a way similar to other fertilizer products. A spreader has to be used. Written on the bag are directions of use in terms of adjusting your spreader, and this depends on the model that you are using. It is highly recommended that a perimeter has to be passed before passes in the middle of the lawn can be done. 

Similar to liquid Ironite, Granular Ironite is also capable of staining concrete. In the case that it is not blown on any sidewalks or driveway, see to it that it is blown off straight away. 

Granular Ironite works well with plants. They do better with most plants and provide great results. 

2. Benefits of liquid Ironite vs. benefits of Granular ironite.

There are many different types of ironite on the market with varying benefits. Some people prefer a liquid form, while others find granular ironite to be more effective. To help you decide which type is best for your lawn, we’ve compiled this list of benefits for each one:  –

Liquid Ironite: More convenient than granular because it’s packaged in bottles that can be poured directly onto the soil where needed and mixed with water. Liquid Ironites also have increased availability at certain stores that carry them versus those that sell only the granule type.

Granular Ironite: More affordable than liquid because it doesn’t require mixing with water; furthermore, some people feel like they get better coverage when applying Granules rather than liquids.

Benefits of using Liquid Ironite

  • It is easier to handle and apply once the sprayer has been set up. 
  • It can be easily blended
  • The application is done uniformly
  • Starter and in-season application
  • It can be blended with crop protection products

Benefits of Using Granular ironite

  • It is cheaper when bought in bulk
  • It can be easily stored
  • When it comes to heavy pre-plant applications, this is the more efficient way of application
  • There are slow-release options that come with this Ironite product. 

3. Drawbacks to Liquid Ironite and drawbacks to Granular ironite.

Liquid Ironite is a more expensive option than Granular Ironite, but it has many benefits. Liquid Ironite is easier to apply and covers more area per application. It also lasts longer than Granular Ironite because of how long the iron stays suspended in water before oxidizing back into rust particles.  

The drawbacks are that liquid ironite can be difficult to store and transport due to its liquid form, and it cannot be reused once applied because the water will evaporate out over time. 

On top of this, when applying Liquid ironite you have less control over where the product goes which may lead to coverage areas being missed or too much product being applied in some spots while not enough was applied somewhere else.

Drawbacks of using Liquid ironite

  • It can permanently stain concrete hence make sure it does not come in contact with sidewalks or any driveways. 
  •  It can reach unintended places if you are not careful during the application

Drawbacks of Using granular ironite

  •  It can permanently stain concrete hence make sure it does not come in contact with sidewalks or any driveways. 
  • It requires the application of water immediately after application
  • Spots can easily be missed in your yard.

4. Which organic fertilizer is better, Liquid ironite vs granular ironite, and why

 Liquid ironite is better than granular ironite. However, both of these forms of Ironite will help in making your grass greener and the color will be turned into a darker shade. Both of these forms are used by most people and this is no coincidence. Try using both of these products for your lawn and you will notice great results. 

The thing with these Ironite products is that they will also have other micronutrients which will prove helpful in addressing other micronutrient deficiency issues. This is surely a great benefit. The thing is, not a lot of micronutrients are needed for your soil to be where it needs to be. 

The drawback with Granular Ironite is that spots in your yard can end up being missed. It is quite hard to get an even application even when all the instructions are followed correctly. It might even be hard sometimes to see if an entire area has been completely covered but with liquid iron, it is quite easy to cover an entire area since the blades have all been coated. In addition to that, watering also has to be done when you are using a Granular Ironite. 

How fast you get results is what differentiates liquid Ironite and granular Ironite. Liquid Ironite will usually provide faster results and you will be able to see your grass become greener within a short period as compared to granular Ironite. The uptake in terms of foliage from liquid iron will be quicker. 

It becomes hard to tell which results are better between liquid Ironite and granular Ironite. It might be that you are just concentrating on the results because they are faster. Make sure you are also fully aware when you wish to get the results for a special occasion on a certain day. 

Make sure the Ironite is applied correctly and at the right time so that your lawn pops up at the time of your preference. In the case that you want to get something that will last longer, you might want to use a granular Ironite product. 

When it comes to the price, it might vary at some points but liquid Ironite is mostly cheap as compared to granular ironite. 

Both products can cause staining so, in the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference. 

5. Where can you buy either liquid ironite or granular ironite Near Your Area?

When the time to apply your lawn fertilizer comes, you have two options of where you can go and buy your ironite. You will either visit any agro dealer shops in your local area or you can order them online. 

Buying Liquid Ironite At The Home Depot Near You.

When buying Ironite for your lawn, the Home Depot is the best place to go and pick either granular or liquid plus ironite. The former is also ideal for golf courses, putting greens, and your own garden.

Granular Ironite, as well as the liquid forms, are categorized under fertilizer by most of the major gardening brands. Home Depot stocks lawn and gardening supplies, and the best part is that in almost every city across America, you will find a Home Depot near you.

Buying Liquid Iron for lawns At Lowe’s.

If you are considering getting liquid iron or granulated ironite for your lawn, another place where you can buy it at Lowe’s.  All Lowe’s stores usually stock in liquid form and granular plant iron suitable for small patches of grass, actively growing plants or even vegetables.

And, if Lowe’s stores near you have in stock liquid iron that is a different brand than you are familiar with, It is advised to always be on the lookout for the kind of ironite for lawns that also contains magnesium sulfate since this will help with its absorption into the soil.

According to MSU’s lawn fertilizer pros and cons, you should always follow the instructions for how much water to use when applying any type of iron solution onto your lawn or backyard shrubs.

Buying Ironite Liquid From Amazon.

If you’re looking to order Ironite online, buying your liquid lawn fertilizer from Amazon will be a good bet. You’ll have access to various sizes from as small as  4 pounds or 16 ounces to as large as 120 pounds.

Summary of Where to Buy Ironite Liquid Fertilizer.

It’s best that you are always cautious when buying and applying iron products onto your lawn or garden because some can be very dangerous if not handled with care, Also because there are so many brands on the market these days it’s good to cautiously choose the household lawn fertilizer brands like Pennington.

FAQ About Liquid Ironite and Granular ironite

Can I use Liquid Ironite and Granular ironite together?

Ironite is a lawn fertilizer that can be applied in two ways. Either you apply liquid ironite and then granular, or vice versa. Ironites provide the lowest concentration of urea nitrogen to your plants which will make them dark green with lush foliage when fertilizers are added as well but it should only be used on specific types of soil at first so that they do not add too many nutrients if there is an existing deficiency somewhere else in the garden.

In general, You can apply both liquid ironite and granular ironite alternately but not together or at the same time. Whether it’s liquid ironite plus or granular ironite, they are both lawn nutrient supplements with the lowest concentration of urea nitrogen. The best combination would be to apply lawn fertilizer together with Ironite.

The combination of ironite and other regular lawn fertilizer is often used together for maximum results. Granular ironite provides results that can last long while fertilizer allows even your lawn to grow rapidly with healthy shoots. When these traits are combined, you will get great results for your backyard. 


The two forms of Ironite are liquid Ironite and Granular Ironite. They both help your lawn to become greener. Granular Ironite is relatively cheaper and it does not depend on the weather to be applied while Liquid Ironite provides faster nutrient absorption and the nutrients are spread evenly. It’s about personal preference when it comes to these forms. 

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