Ironite vs Scotts Green Max (which one is better)

Ironite organic lawn supplement and Scotts green max are vital aspects of better lawn care for both beginners and advanced lawn owners. While Ironite and Scotts green max look like they are the same, their purpose and workings make them uniquely different yet interchangeably used as a general lawn fertilizer.

The main difference between Ironite and Scotts green max is that Ironite is an organic lawn supplement that has a high concentration of Ironite which helps in making your lawn achieve a deep dark and lush green as it aids the photosynthesis process while Scotts Green Max is a fertilizer that is made specifically for grass.

It is composed of iron which aids your grass to achieve a deeper green, and it also contains a high concentration of nitrogen and potassium with a little concentration of phosphorus.   

To know more about Ironite and Scotts Green Max in detail, read on. 

Which One Is Better?

In general, Scotts Green Max is better than Ironite organic lawn fertilizer. Scotts green max lawn fertilizer works well with any type of grass, it pushes the weeds out since it contains a high level of Nitrogen than ironite. 

The main difference between Scotts green max and Ironite lawn fertilizer is their nitrogen content. Scotts green max has high levels of nitrogen than Ironite.

 When you apply Scotts green max to your lawn, it leads to a high concentration of nutrients on your lawn, encouraging the growth of more blades at a fast rate.

 It also benefits lawns by reducing weed as it chokes out the weeds with the lawn’s rapid growth, therefore chokes out any weeds before their shoots come out. Plus this fertilizer can be applied during any season. 

Although this is the case, Ironite also does a good job because it leads to greener grass, or plants, does not burn the grass, requires less water, and also provides essential nutrients. 

Ironite lawn fertilizer review

A green lawn is a sign of good care. Lawns that are left to grow undernourished can easily be spotted with pale and yellow instead of deep dark green. The lack of iron and not being watered enough will often turn any potentially green and lush lawn to brown in the spring and summer heat.

That’s why It’s important to have a lawn routine handy and be sure yours includes regular application of lawn nutrients like Ironite so you can keep your grass looking fresh.

If you want your lawn to look its best all year round, fertilizing it with nitrogen rich Ironite during the spring and fall months is the best way to achieve a deep dark green lush lawn consistently .

What is Ironite Fertilizer?

Ironite is a lawn supplement that has a high concentration of Ironite which helps in making your lawn green as it aids the photosynthesis process. It manages to do this as it produces enzymes that produce chlorophyll by synthesizing proteins. 

A change in color to pale yellow is a sign that your grass lacks essential nutrients. What many people don’t know is that Ironite is an incomplete fertilizer. In most cases, Ironite can be used as a supplement to your lawn together with the fertilizer. 

Ironite has the formula 1-0-1 which means that there is a low concentration of potassium and nitrogen. The grass on your lawn grows fast as a result of the water-soluble iron which is in high concentration in the ironite. 

Although iron is in high concentration, Ironite also contains helpful elements like nitrogen, potassium, and manganese in small quantities. 

Does Ironite really work?

For novices, choosing which lawn fertilizer is best for their lawn can be daunting. There’s just too much selection that are available to choose from. Ironite organic lawn fertilizer particularly, has enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years. How good is Ironite for lawns, and does it really work for any lawn?

Ironite lawn fertilizer really works. It is the ultimate way to feed your plants with iron while also improving water absorption. Ironite organic lawn fertilizer provides an easy solution for those who are struggling to find a natural and organic fertilizer that doesn’t cost them their entire paychecks, but still offers great results when it comes down to boosting soil quality by increasing water penetration and reducing erosion in addition making your lawn look lush with a deep dark green.

Types of Ironite Fertilizers

Ironite fertilizers are an important product for plants. They help to provide the nutrients that plants need, like nitrogen for growth and phosphorus for root development. 

Ironite is a great choice if you’re looking to add these key nutrients into your garden or lawn.  

There are different types of ironite fertilizer, including: dry granular, liquid concentrate, soluble powder and water-soluble pellets. 

The type of fertilizer you choose will depend on the size of your project as well as what kind of soil you have in your yard or garden. 

It’s also important to consider how quickly you want the effects from the fertilizer–dry granular tends to be slower acting than liquid concentrate!

Organic liquid iron fertilizers: This type of Ironite comes from organic sources. The iron is quickly absorbed although it is slow-releasing over a long period. The organic sources in question are milorganite and greensand. Organic Ironite does not stain any concrete. 

Synthetic iron fertilizers: these are the type that is fast-releasing and your lawn can turn grey if this type is applied in excess. They produce very fast and instant results since they are fast-releasing. 

Forms of Ironite

Granular ironite: granules are the form of this irony and they can be sprayed directly on the grass with the aid of a broadcast spreader. The grass has to be sprayed just after spraying the granular ironite for maximum results. 

Liquid ironite: this exists in a liquid form and the spraying is done using a sprayer tank or a spray container. Liquid ironite aids the grass blades in absorbing the supplement and a faster result is encouraged. Liquid ironite will be suitable if you wish for an immediate impact. Alkaline Sandy soil works best with liquid ironite. 

When to use Ironite

Regular fertilizer can be applied together with Ironite. It is highly recommended that Ironite must be applied 4 times a year while it is combined with your regular fertilizer but see to it that it must not be used more than 10 times per year. 

Why Use Ironite for Lawns Instead of Regular Fertilizer?

There must be a reason why people prefer Ironite over regular N-P-K fertilizers. The reason is that Ironite does a better job at greening your lawn than how traditional fertilizers would do it. 

Ironite seeks to eradicate the root cause of the pale color. A test is required to see if the yellow color of the grass is a result of iron deficiency. 

The rate of growth is of much emphasis in this case. A high nitrogen addition will lead to the fast growth of the grass which implies frequent mowing of the grass but Ironite also encourages green lawns but the growth is slow which implies less mowing of the grass. 

Scotts Green Max review

Scotts green max lawn fertilizer provides a great opportunity to improve soil conditions without using any harmful chemical fertilizers. 

When applied to your lawn. By just adding one scoop per square foot according to package instructions, you can improve the look feel and quality of foliage for your lawn, shrubs or flowers growing in your backyard. 

When you consistently use Scotts green max, you’ll notice less runoff from heavy rains as well since this product helps retain moisture throughout winter months better than anything else out there!

What is Scotts Green Max

Scotts green max is a lawn fertilizer that is made specifically for helping homeowners improve the health, look and feel of the grass. 

It is composed of iron which aids your grass to achieve a deeper green, and it also contains a high concentration of nitrogen and potassium with a little concentration of phosphorus. 

All the mentioned nutrients have specific jobs when it comes to planting life. Each grass blade is strengthened by Nitrogen while potassium works in maintaining the health of your lawn. 

Just after three days, you can notice deep greening, and this is greatly done by the 5% of iron that it contains. During the growth process, be sure to expect fast results. 

This fertilizer provides fast results in comparison to other organic products. 

When you have an established lawn, Scotts Green Max will boost the number of nutrients that help in promoting the health and growth of the plants. 

Remember that NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium respectively. The values of N-P-K are always shown on every bag of fertilizer, and on a Scotts Green Max bag it is listed as 27-0-2 which means that it has nitrogen that is in high concentration, the nitrogen helps the blades to push up through the soil and sprout. 

Due to the absence of phosphorus, this fertilizer will be of no use when it comes to root growth hence not suitable for a lawn just growing from seed. A small amount of potassium stands a chance of giving a healthier lawn, or not. 

Benefits of Ironite vs. benefits of Scotts Green Max.

Ironite is a popular green product that helps to reduce the amount of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals in lawns. The iron-based fertilizer produces healthy grass with less effort.

Scotts Green Max also offers many benefits for your yard including reduced water use and increased drought tolerance. These products are very different but both have their own set of pros and cons so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision on which one to purchase!

Benefits of Using Ironite 

It requires less water which will greatly help in cutting the water bill costs.

Ironite can work with all types of soils

  • Other plants can also make use of Ironite. Such plants include trees and shrubs.
  • The grass will become greener while growing at a slow pace which will mean fewer jobs in mowing the grass. 
  • Ironite works at a faster rate. In just a matter of weeks, the appearance and feel of your lawn will be greatly improved and this does not even need much water. 

Benefits of using Scotts Green Max

Scotts Green Max works well with any type of grass. 

The advantage of using this type of fertilizer is that it pushes the weeds out since it contains a high level of Nitrogen. 

This will lead to a high concentration of nutrients on your lawn hence encouraging the growth of more blades at a fast rate, which in turn choke out the weeds and the weeds are therefore choked out. 

This fertilizer can be applied during any season. It is recommended that this fertilizer should be applied to your grass every six to eight weeks but you can choose to wait longer if your grass is working well. 

It is affordable

It comes with a guarantee. 

  1. Drawbacks to Ironite and drawbacks to Scotts Green Max

Drawbacks of Using Ironite 

When there is contact between Ironite and concrete, the concrete ends up being stained permanently and walkways can also be stained. 

There is a high risk of damage being caused to the lawns and might result in a grayish tone since it is easy to be applied in excess. 

It might be safe in terms of home use, but it can be a source of metal leakage, more especially lead and arsenic. 

Drawbacks of using Scotts Green Max

It is prone to stains even when the directions are followed properly

There is a risk of lawns being burnt when in hot climates. 

  1. Which organic fertilizer is better, Ironite or Scotts Green Max, and why

By now, you must have a clue on which one is better. Here are a few tips to widen your knowledge of these two. 

For A Greener Lawn

Ironite is the ideal choice for this since it contains more iron than Scotts Green Max. 

For a deeper growth

Scotts Green Max would be the ideal choice since it has a high concentration of nitrogen. 

For a Shortage of Nutrients

Go for Scotts Green Max since it pushes weeds out which encourages the concentration of nutrients in your lawn or plant field. 

  1. Where can you buy either one of these in your area 

Visit any agro dealer shops in your area or they can be purchased online. 

FAQ About Ironite and Scotts Green Max

Can I use Ironite and Scotts Green Max together?

These two can be used together since the way they work is kind of similar. 

How to use Ironite fertilizer?

Choose the form of Ironite that needs to be used. Soil that has a high pH will work well with liquid Ironite. This is to make sure that the blades absorb the roots more efficiently as the roots find difficulties in absorbing Ironite when the soil is alkaline. Loamy or clay soils work well with granular Ironite. 

This has to be done with protective gear on. Use one ounce of spray per 100 square feet. Once the spraying has been done, deep watering must be done and action must be allowed to take place. 


Scotts Green Max is an excellent choice if you wish to have a great and greener lawn that is free of weeds as the nitrogen contained in Scotts Green Max encourages growth and chokes out the weeds. Ironite also works well in terms of making the lawn greener and enhancing growth although it is done at a slow rate.

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