Husky Chow Chow Mix: Complete Chusky Dog Breed Guide With Pictures

husky chow mix

The Husky Chow Chow Mix, also known as the Chusky dog breed as they are also popularly known, is a mixed designer dog breed that is made by combining genes of two pure breeds, the Husky and Chow Chow. 

Both the Husky and Chow Chow are said to be very loyal, loving to their owners, so obviously, the hybrid also has the same traits and makes an excellent family dog.

This designer dog has variations in temperament, personality, physical features, and more, so if you’ve been thinking of adopting or buying this unique breed, it’s very wise to learn as much as you can about it.

History and Origin of the Chusky breed

This hybrid is still a new crossbreed, so there’s too little history about it. But let’s look into the long history of both pure breeds parents of this hybrid, this will help know what we should expect from the Chusky.

The Husky is said to be a descendant of the original does dog which was found in Northern Asia. The Chukchi people in Asia used the dog as companions. 

When the climate changed in Asia and became really cold, the people there needed a new breed dog that would be tolerant to the weather conditions there and that’s when the Husky dog breed was born and therefore, they used it as a sled dog. 

The Husky has origins in Siberia, Canada, Northern Hemisphere, Alaska, and Greenland. The dog is very loyal and loving and hence is used as a family dog nowadays.

As for the Chow Chow, it’s said to be the oldest dog breed in the whole wide world, artifacts of them back in 206 BC were discovered. The breed has origins in China and was made known in America in the early 1890s and then it became recognized by the American Kennel club in 1903. The Chow Chow is known for being loyal, loving, and hard-working.

So the Chusky is the result of these two different breeds and is still growing in popularity around the world, almost every dog owner wants to earn a Chusky.

The physical appearance of the husky Chow Chow Mix

Husky Chow Chow dog mix are a hybrid type of a dog that tends to inherit different looks from both of their pure breeds parents. So the Husky Chow mix will have various appearances. However, most of the common features they share as a standard uniquely for Husky Chow dog mix are:

  1. Weight‎: ‎Huskies mixed with Chow Chow can get quite heavier and weighs anywhere between 45 to 60 pounds in weight.
  2. Husky Chow Mix Height: Chowski, as they are sometimes called, enjoy the benefit of height and plumper body frame that is encapsulated into the Chowski’s thick coat that is soft, colorful and beautiful to look at. So, if you are wondering, how big do husky chow mix can get, the verdict is in! Chowski dog breed are designer hybrid dog breeds, and as a mixed breed dog, they are known for taking after either parent. Such cases makes it challenging to predict how bigger they will get but their height ranges from 17 to 24 inches, and with such range of height, do not be surprised that they can easily weigh anywhere from about 35 to 60 pounds.
  3. Husky Chow Mix Ears‎: ‎Chowski dog breeds have permanently pointed dog ears which is advantageous to their health and ease of cleaning compared to other dog breeds with floppy ears which can be prone to yeast overgrowth inside those floppy ears.
  4. Temperament Of Husky Chow Mix: The Husky Chow mix dogs as a designer mixed breed dog are docile in nature. This is also evident as they originate from the combination of the genetics of loyal and caring purebreds Husky and a purebred Chow Chow. Because both of these purebreds are synonymous for their loyalty and unfathomable love for their owners, Chowskis will also tap into their parent’s traits and become loyal and loving to their owners and their families

Both the Chow Chow and the husky have thick coats, and so it’s evident that the hybrid will inherit the same coat type. The Chusky will also come in a variety of colors including, white black, brown, gray, tan, copper, sabble, silver e.t.c

Husky Chow Mix Size

A full-grown Chusky will grow to be 18 to 24 inches tall and will weigh 45 to 60 pounds. They may also have the brown or blue color of eyes, a trait they inherit from the husky side of the family. Unlike other designer breeds like the Dachshund and Jack Russell Mix husky chow mixed dog breeds are a much bigger dog breed.

Temperament/Characteristics of the Husky Chow Chow Mix

The characteristics of the Chusky will also depend on the dominant Gene from both purebred parents. 

The Characteristics of the hybrids are unpredictable because they come from two different breeds. 

But after doing some research we found out that the purebred parents have similar characteristics, here are the characteristics you will notice from the Chusky:

 The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are serious-minded dogs: 

This is a trait they inherit from the Chow Chow side of the family. Therefore they’ll be aloof around strangers. 

This is because the Chow Chow is a watch dog by nature. So in order to have it as a sweet house dog that neighbors won’t fear, you have to train them at their young age so that they get used to being around people and socialize without any difficulties.

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are loving and loyal to their owners.

The hybrid loves being around its owners and will display plenty of affection and loyalty to everyone they know

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are very intelligent.

  • The hybrid responds very well to training, and this is because they are very smart.

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds can be a little bit mischievous

If you see the element of mischievousness traits in a dog, the likelihood of it being inherited from their parents are quite hight, and the same case is for Chusky dog breeds that come from the side of their family.

 The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are naturally very curious and will always seek to discover new things. They also love to run around and play a lot.

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds can become a very good family dog and companion.

The Chusky is a very good family dog, thanks to both sides of the family as they are all excellent pet dogs for novice dog owners, with children and even with other dogs. The dog also responds very well to training and listens attentively to commands.

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are very energetic.

This is a trait they inherit from both sides of the family, they are very energetic and, therefore, will need constant exercises. It needs to walk around, run around, and you should as well take it out for walks or else if you just let it be, it will end up doing naughty things like chewing your shoes, barking, and hauling for no good reason.

The husky Chow Chow food requirements

The Chusky is a large dog and hence will need quality foods high in protein and rich in carbohydrates. It needs enough food that will help it stay energized and healthy too. 

Always be sure to get the best type of food brands for your Husky Chow mix. And that is also why below we have recommended the types of foods you should get for your Husky Chow Mix dog breed:

Blur Buffalo life protection formulary: This food will provide all the nutrients and healthy carbohydrates your dog needs and it also protects from allergies.

Wellness complete health large breed: This food is for large dog breeds just like the Chusky. It’s a source of rich proteins such as chicken, whitefish and salmon meal. The food is also high in omega-3 fatty acids and also probiotics that help keep your dog’s gut healthy.

IAMS proactive health adult: This food is for when your dog has grown into a full adult. The food is made with vitamins and minerals that ensure the right amount of nutrition for your dog. 

It is also made with whole grain, meaning you do not have to worry about allergies.

Husky Chow Chow Mix exercise requirements

As we said before, the Chusky is a dog full of energy so it will require exercising each and every day. The dog loves playing around daily and will also definitely love having any kind of physical exercises such as jogging, playing fetch etc. 

So it’s important to take your dog for a walk every morning and every evening as well.

Husky Chow Chow Mix training requirements

Training the Husky at a young age is very important because if proper training is not done, the dog may develop some behavioral problems and become very stubborn. Here are things to remember when training your chusky:

The Chusky requires training at an early stage: The minute you bring your new puppy to your house, it’s very important to prepare her for life in a new home. It’s little things like showing your dog where it can find it’s a bowl of food and water and also where her dog bed of allowed sleeping areas is, that makes the difference. 

You need to be very strict with the pooping time, make sure it knows exactly where to find it’s popping place or else your entire house or apartment will become a pooping area.

– Always praise your dog when it gets the training correctly: For example, give it it’s favorite treat or toy when it follows your commandments.

You must train your dog every day: If you don’t train it daily it forgets and by the time you decide to continue with the training again, it will have forgotten the previous lessons

You must train your dog in places where there’s less distraction: This will help your puppy to concentrate and follow your commands very well.

Grooming Requirements of The Husky Chow Mix Dog Breeds

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds shed in clumps hence will require grooming more often than other dog breeds. 

And you can tell from their charming medium to long hair coat of the Chusky has a thick coat and may greatly benefit from frequent brushing and grooming, you must brush it at least twice a week to remove dirt and debris. 

The dig will require bathing at least once in a month, brush its teeth at least twice a week and also make sure you always check your dog’s ears to see if there’s any dirt inside.

Husky Chow Chow Mix health concerns

Almost every dog breed has health concerns, and so does the Chusky. It inherits the health issues from both parents and these health issues can not be noticed when they are still young so it’s very important to Know these health issues so that once you notice the signs and symptoms happening to your dog, you can rush it to the veterans. 

Below we have listed the health issues your Chusky may have to deal with at a certain point of its life:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Gastric torsion
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Deafness
  • And Follicular dysplasia

The lifespan of the Husky Chow Chow Mix

The Husky Chow Mix dog breeds are charming hybrid dogs who will live for 11 to 15 years if looked after well from when they are puppies. Better petcare helps to fend off any deadly disease, so it does not attack your dog.

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