Camco 40043 vs. Camco 40045 – Which RV Water Filter Is Better? ( Explained)

The humble water filter is an essential and often overlooked item for the RV traveler. They are responsible for removing things like chemicals, sediment or bacteria from your drinking water that would otherwise be ingested into our system. The good news: they’re cheap!

It’s a common misconception among novice travelers to assume that clean tap water will always be available where we want it. But the reality is that once you are on the road, clean and safe drinking and cooking water is a rare commodity for the RV and boating community. And, you never know when disaster might strike (including a natural one), which means backup filters should not only sit in your car emergency kit but also inside of any camping gear put away in storage during the non-travel season too.

Camco 40043 and Camco 40045 are two popular inline RV faucet water filters that have been in the market for quite some time. An inline water filter is a solution for those who want clean water while traveling in RV and boat, or you have recently noticed your RV water smells, tastes terrible. But which one is better, between Camco 40043 vs. Camco 40045? 

Camco 40043 is better than Camco 40045 water filter. The main difference between Camco 40043 and 40045 is the hose protector that comes with the 40043 RV water filter as a standard. 

Still, comparing their pricing, water filtration capacity, and durability all boils down to personal preference. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before making your choice.

If you’re looking for something easy on the pocket, then Camco 40043 is a good option as it comes with a hose protector as standard, while Camco 40045 does not come with this feature at all. 

Likewise, if you’re after higher water pressure and flow rates – up to 100 psi – then Camco 40045 might be what you need because it can handle up to a 20-micron filter.

In general, Camco 40043 RV faucet water filter is better than Camco 40045 water filter. The main difference between Camco 40043 water filter vs. the Camco 40045 is how easy the Camco 40043 is to install and comes with a water horse protector as standard.

So, if you are looking for a no-hassle RV faucet water filter, Camco40043 is a better option. This is because Camco 40045 has been reported to take up more space while also requiring some extra installation steps, such as threading water lines.

The durability of RV water filters is one of the main concerns for most people looking to get an RV faucet water filter.

Camco 40043 water filter is superior in durability to Camco40045. This can be seen with the fact that many real user reviews mention that Camco 40043 has a longer life span and could offer up to twice as much time before requiring replacement.

The Ultimate Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter Buying Guide.

Camco 40043 TastePURE water filter is the perfect accessory for RV enthusiasts and boaters alike. This superior quality product will ensure that your drinking water is purified, leaving you to not have to worry about impurities such as lead or arsenic when filling up on fresh H2O!

Camco’s newest model of their affordable line of products allows even more people who enjoy outdoor activities like camping trips and long-distance boat travel a chance at having clean drinking water with minimal effort spent making it happen. The Camco 40043 TastePURE Advanced Water Filter System removes over 97% of chlorine taste from tap, well, rainwater sources in addition to reducing radium levels by 96%.

The way Camco 40043 TastePure water filter works is pretty much like most home water filter systems do by reducing pathogenic water contamination with the help of either a fine physical barrier or a biological and sometimes with the help of a chemical process.

The major function of any RV water filter is to get rid of bad taste, chemical odor, cleansing the RV water supply to an acceptable extent, so you and your loved ones enjoy a constant supply of clean water free from waterborne bacterias.

Why Choose Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter With Flexible Hose Protector?

Choosing Camco 40043 tastepure water filter with a flexible hose protector will not be an easy choice to make. And that’s because there are plenty of disposable marine water filters at a much lower price point than what you pay for Camco 40043.

In general, choosing a Camco RV faucet with a flexible hose protector (the Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter) is the best you can get for your RV. It will filter out contaminants and allow water to flow through the faucet with ease and confidence.

Most experts recommend it in this field as it has an innovative design that filters any pesky chemicals from contaminating your drinking water.

The difference between these two similar RV faucets water filters, both of which come with a flexible hose protector and have been designed to filter out contaminants from your drinking water, maybe small, but their performance and durability are unmatched.

The idea for an RV water filter is a clean water supply at a reasonable cost price for a camper van and boat owners… Camco 40043 TastePure water filters with a flexible hose protector do that with elegance and class.

How Does RV Water Filter Work

Camco 40043 actually works much like any other RV water filter that uses the 20-micron technology. These RV filters are resilient and durable in their own right.

Their performance is credited to the high-flow sediment and carbon filter, which works in significant propensity, reducing the presence and growth of bacteria in the water it treats inside your RV camper van. Camco 40043 is designed with a wide body, which supports its high flow rate and capacity.

Most RV camper van owners use bleach for their freshwater supply. While this is a standard procedure, chemical compound poisoning is not good for your family in the long term.

And that is why RV camper vans and boats must be at all costs fitted with an under-the-sink RV water filtration system. It makes sure that water used for cooking and drinking is free from chlorine, magnesium, and other pathogenic contaminants commonly found in water.

How long does a Camco water filter last?

Camco water filters are a great way to be sure your family is drinking clean, safe water. The question most people have is how long does a Camco filter last?

In general, the Camco RV water filters can last up to a year. Each water filter is designed to remove impurities from your drinking and cooking water up to 500-25000 gallons before changing the inline water filters.

The official recommendations are to change your water filter three times a year or as soon as the maximum water filtration capacity is reached. Camco water filters are therefore perfect for RVs and boats. 

Camco 40043 vs. Camco 40045 – Which RV Faucet is right for me?

As the benefits of each faucet have been outlined, it might now be easier to decide what your next purchase should be. For those who do not want more than a basic water filter system and prefer simplicity with their drinking water, Camco 40043 is better than Camco 40045.

Camco 40043’s performance is undoubtedly impeccable. If you wonder how long it can keep up its performance before you either replace the Camco RV Filter cartridges, well, according to Camco’s recommendations changing the filter every quarter of the year. 

Changing your faucet water filter every 3-4 months is best to keep the Camco filtration system functioning at the optimal capability possible.

However, in the cases where your RV camper is not in regular use, you can get away with only changing it out every 4 to 6 months.

The takeaway here is that as long as your Camco RV filter averages 18 gallons per day with a burst when using your camper, changing twice a year sounds accurate to the Camco filter cartridge replacement schedule.

Camco 40043 vs 40045

Both Camco 40043 and 40045 are the best-recommended water filtration systems known for being inline with accepted RV’s standard water pressure.

While many of you here would think that an RV water pressure regulator is not a factor in your RV water filtration system, actually, it has a huge bearing. All RVs are fitted with a small but useful device that keeps the psi in check of the water entering your RV, down to a safe level. 

Making sure that your filters are also calibrated to not interfere with the regulated psi is key. And Camco 40043 and 40045 are primed for that.

Though Camco 40043 is seen as being far more superior over 40045 for its hose protector that comes with Camco 40043 as a standard, those who go for 40045 should not panic as the plumbing in newer RVs can handle a 20-micron filter with up to 100 psi. 

Bear in mind that the recommended water pressure for newer RVs is around 60 psi and 50 psi for older ones, so if these two filters can handle up to 100 psi on a 20-micron filter, the hose cover is a minor fix.

As if that was not enough, Camco 40043 and Camco 40045’s resilience and durability are demonstrated in their ability to get rid of pathogens, reduce bad odor, improve water taste, and remove waterborne microscopic sediments, chemical compounds, fluoride, and chlorine in drinking water at a significant rate.

Given an opportunity to recommend one between the two, the one that stands out for me is the Camco 40043. This water filter comes with its own flexible hose protector, and that is a winning combination.

RV Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

The systems themselves are relatively cheap to buy, but the replacement cartridges are expensive. They definitely cost more than most filters for other filtration systems and have a hefty price tag on top of that! For example, it costs an extra $0.12 per gallon just to get fluoride added into your water supply – which will increase the total price you spend each year by about 20%.

  • The filtration process does not stop once the lower chamber is full. So be careful to prevent overfilling.
  • The version does not allow you to check how much purified water is left in the reservoir.
  • You have to lift the top chamber and peek in.
  • Users have complained about the plastic spigot breaking easily.
  • The filtration speed will be slower after using it for so e weeks.


Camco 40043 TastePURE water filter is an excellent inline water filtration product designed to eliminate impurities from your RV or boat. 

The Camco line of products provides filters for many needs, but the most popular seems to be their taste-purifying filtration system that helps make drinking fresh and clean water more enjoyable during long treks through vast landscapes without safe potable sources of H2O nearby.

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