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blue french bulldog

Drooling, nibbling, wet kisses – life does not get any better than this. If you are looking for a perfect canine companion with a small stature and carefree attitude who will happily lounge the day away with you in the comforting warmth of your home, then a blue French bulldog will be an ideal choice. 

Blue French Bulldog Breed Key Info SummaryInfo SummaryDog Breed Description

Dog Breed Type

Mixes and more

Many people often wonder if Blue French bulldogs are purebred… and the answer is no!
Blue french bulldogs are a crossbreed between french terriers and Purebred English bulldogs who crossed over into France by movements of lacemakers from an English town called Nottingham.

Though its a surprising fact that many blue French bulldog owners assume their dogs are originally from France, truth is they’re not French.
These dogs and all of their other French bulldog types you know, do not hail from France as their breed name may suggest. Instead, they are English.


Family Dog
Charming and loving family dog breed

Dog Breed Trait’s Suitability

Easy-going and not suited for active families
Blue French bulldogs best suit laid back families and not active families.

Dog Breed Size

11 to 12” (male or female)

If you are looking into owning a Blue French bulldog, it’s fair to wonder how big do the blue French Bulldog gets from when they are a puppy to a full-grown dog right?
So, how big do blue French Bulldogs get?
French bulldogs can get up to anywhere between 11 to 12 inches in size and with that height, a male French Bulldog will easily weigh between 20 to 28 pounds while females generally average anywhere between 16 to 24 pounds on the same height of 11 to 12 inches height.
Dog Breed Lifespan11 to 13 year lifespan
11 to 13 years life expectancy for Blue French bulldogs is what has been listed by the American Kennel Club who are official mixed dog breed registrars. 

Due to their healthy issues, bulldogs lifespan can be impacted if care is not taken. Anyone with a French Bulldog breed is recommended to have air conditioners installed for those with indoor French Bulldogs.

Naturally, the bulldog breed will happily live in highrise apartments where they are confined indoors provided they have access to air conditioning to regulate their temperature.
Dog Breed Color VariationsFive rare colors
Blue French Bulldogs have dominant colors that are charming and beautiful to look at, and these are:=>Brindle=>Fawn=>White=>Brindle & White=>Tan
Dog Breed Weight28 Pounds
28 pounds is a general average weight for any French Bulldog whose height is likely to fall within the 11 to 12 inches tall mark. 

According to published reports, males Blue French bulldogs will tip the scales(weigh) anywhere between 20 to 28 pounds while for female Frenchies, they average anywhere between16 to 24 pounds in weight.
Dog Breed TemperamentExcellent temper
French Bulldog Temperament is by far the best you can hope for a family dog. They are without a doubt naturally anxious pet dogs who do not handle detachment from their owners too well. 

They are loyal, attention-seeking creatures who will charm you to surrender your snacks with their blue-eyed gaze. 

However, overall, French Bulldogs can not be faulted as they are tolerant to kids touching and zealots pulling, Frenchies are well-tempered, friendly animals, best suited for all family sizes.

Beware of the unique temperamental flaw that make them display a stubborn streak when they feel like being naught. 

Everyone who comes into contact with French bulldogs loves their affable nature, and for being temperamentally not that quick to aggression why playing with young ones at home or at a nearby park.
Daily Exercise15 minutes walk dailyBlue French bulldogs are low energy dogs who require little to no exercise daily. However, a fifteen-minute walk daily is good enough to keep vets away!
Daily Food Consumption128 to 165g every 24 hours
Blue French bulldogs are not active type of dogs, so their daily food intake must be meticulously tied down to their size and metabolism and energy levels. 

By monitoring these two key indicators, you can easily predict their healthy daily ration. 

On the other hand, whether its a puppy Frenchie or a mature French Bulldog , according to published reports, at 16 to 28 pounds in weight, blue French bulldogs must consume anywhere between 128 g to 165 g every 24 hours. 

Your take away here is that, depending on a dog’s size, their metabolism and their energy levels, you should be able to comfortably feed your Frenchie 128 to 165 grams of kibble as a standard.

Dog Breed’s Known Health Issues

Every dog breed has its own health challenges, Blue French bulldogs being a mixed dog breed is even more prone to inherent health issues that can easily put you out of pocket.

So, if you are wondering whether blue French bulldogs are a healthy dog breed… the answer is no! Blue French bulldog’s facial features are muzzled in which makes their breathing and oxygen intake challenging all of their lifespans. 

Paired with common health problems like: =>Skinfold dermatitis.=>Diarrhea.=>Conjunctivitis (pink eye)=>Ear infections.=>Long nailsYou shouldn’t be surprised why many pet owners regard them as not an overly health dog breed.

Now, knowing all you know about the Blue French Bulldog Health Issues there is no other way to avoid the unfortunate events where you have to rash your pet to a near-by vet with lethargy issues after a walk in the park. 

The great news is that the blue French Bulldogs breed often lead a good quality life regardless of being prone to a wide array of serious health conditions. 

So, if Blue French Bulldogs dazzle you with their charming fawn colors and blue eyes, do not overlook how much they also suffer from additional health issues on top of all that we have mentioned here.
Dog Breed Appearance
French Bulldogs are distinctly bat-like looking small dog breed that stands at a height of 11 to 13 inches in height. They have noticeable erect ears,a wide socket goblet eyes that look like an over-fit to the eye sockets and usually weighs just under 28 lbs 

With their rare fawn and blue tan colored smooth coat, they are a charming breed to look at. 

Blue French bulldogs also have impeccable blue-eyes paired with an extremely short muzzled face built into their sturdy body frame.
Dog Breed Puppy Cost PriceUSD 2000 TO USD 2500
To buy a Blue French Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder, it is likely going to cost you anywhere between USD 2000 to USD 2500.
And, I know that many of you are wondering why would blue Frenchies be so expensive buy right?

So, Why are French Bulldogs so expensive

It turns out that apart from their rare and beautiful blue-fawns,chocolate and black or black tan colors, French Bulldogs so expensive to breed as they require artificial insemination.

But that’s not all! Blue French bulldogs naturally are born with slim hips that hinder natural birth. 

So, when a pregnant bitch is ready to deliver an arranged c-section is required to deliver one or two puppy French Bulldogs at each reproduction cycle.

 With such breeding process, the average cost to breed a French Bulldog can easily range anywhere between USD 5000 to about USD 7000.

So, if you are considering bringing a blue-eyed bulldog that is either blue, blue-fawn, or chocolate… 

Beware that choosing the extraordinarily rare pure black, black & tan, pure blue, and blue & tan Frenchies will be alot more expensive than the other regular French Bulldogs breeds.

These rare colors are always in a very high demand for their colors and playful nature synonymous with French Blue dogs.

A blue French bulldog is a small but sturdy dog that needs minimal exercise. They have large expressive eyes, distinctive bat-like ears, and a sweet and playful personality. 

A blue French bulldog always craves for attention and makes a wonderful family dog. French bulldogs come in a variety of colors, but blue, lilac, and chocolate are considered the rarest. 

The blue French bulldog gets his bluish hue from a genetic disorder called the blue dog alopecia. Many bulldog clubs do not recognize the blue French bulldog as a real French bulldog because of his color. 

Ethical breeders of different dog breeds also vehemently denounce the breeding of French bulldogs for their colors and coat and encourage people to look at a healthier breed, which is not bred for their color alone. 

History of blue French bulldogs

Bull French bulldogs don’t hail from France but Nottingham England. The lacemakers in England were attracted to the smaller English bulldogs and would use them as lapdogs when they worked. 

When these lacemakers moved to France, they took their dogs with them. In France, these English bulldogs were probably bred with the terriers to create the French bulldogs. 

They were deliberately bred to be smaller in size and were known as “toy dogs” and gained immense popularity in France in the 1800s. In early 1885, the French bulldogs arrived in America with the wealthy Americans and stole the heart of the elite Americans.

 Average life expectancy

Like any other smaller breed of dog, blue French bulldogs also have a relatively longer lifespan than the larger dog breeds. 

In general, French bulldogs have a lifespan of 10-12 years. Though there are factors that influence the lifespan of french bulldogs, the average life expectancy of a blue French bulldog is 10 to 12 years. Typically, French bulldogs are prone to plenty of health issues, which can reduce their lifespan and make caring for them a bit of a challenge. 

Numerous factors affect their longevity, such as diet, exercise, genetics, lifestyle, and more. 

Size of a blue French bulldog

The average weight of a male blue French bulldog is 20 to 28 lbs, whereas females weigh 16 to 24 lbs. A blue French bulldog is a small breed of dog that stands 11 to 13 inches at the shoulder. 

They have a beautiful and smooth coat. This breed has a broad chest and narrow hips. They have a wrinkled face and a classic bulldog pout. 

Many bulldog clubs do not recognize the blue ones as real French bulldogs.

Common factors that affect a blue French bulldog’s lifespan

If your pet dog has historical health issues, you can bet that your feeding habits will greatly influence the quality of their lifespan, cost of care, and quality of life lived.

Blue French Bulldogs are no different from most dog breeds when it comes to pet food selection.

Diet: The Impact Of Diet And Feeding Habits For Blue French Bulldog

Every pet needs a well-balanced nutritious diet that can help them feel healthy. If your blue French bulldog receives poor nutrition, he can develop joint issues. 

An overfed dog will become obese and is just as unhealthy as a malnourished dog. Obesity can curtail your dog’s lifespan and lead to other health complications.


Blue French bulldogs are vulnerable to an array of severe health issues due to their muzzled faces, also referred to as brachycephalics. 

Some of the most common problems among this breed are diarrhea, skinfold dermatitis, conjunctivitis, long nails, and ear infections. Many people find their flat faces cute, but they are responsible for some chronic health implications in these dogs. 

Because of their obstructed airways, these dogs have trouble breathing. They also need to be protected from heatstroke, as they do not have access to enough oxygen to cool themselves down. 

So if it gets hot during summer, an air conditioner is a must for these dogs. When it is cold, you also need to put layers on your blue French bulldog, as they cannot regulate their body temperature in different climates. 

These dogs don’t do well when outside because they have severe allergy issues. Most of the blue French dogs are not born naturally because of the size of their heads. 

Birthing naturally can be detrimental to their health. Blue French bulldog also has a high incidence of hemivertebrae and premature disc degeneration, and dwarfism. 

Their screw tails can cause spinal problems and various defects in them. Obesity is a common problem in blue French dogs and can exacerbate joint, back problems, digestive disorders and heart disease. 

So it is vital to monitor your French bulldog’s diet carefully and give him a bit of exercise every day. 

Breeding and Genetics

There are some types or breeds of dogs that are more prone to specific health problems, and a blue French bulldog is one of them. 

Poor breeding is also responsible for the development of specific genetic defects in a blue French bulldog. 

Some genetic conditions are there in puppies and do not manifest themselves until the dog matures. 

Therefore, the owners of blue French bulldogs have to make some lifestyle changes to compensate for their dogs’ various known health issues. 

The flat face of the blue French bulldog has not evolved naturally but has been designed deliberately by mixing dogs with smaller muzzles. 

They are low-energy dogs because they do not get sufficient oxygen in their tiny bodies. 

Some researchers say that male French bulldogs are more likely to be diagnosed with specific health issues than their female counterparts. But nothing has been proven yet to support this claim. 

Blue French bulldogs are generally predisposed to developing many health problems like IVDD( intervertebral disc disease), spinal deformities, blindness, hip and elbow dysplasia, and more. 

Most of them are extremely painful and can restrict the mobility and the lifestyle of your dog.


Spaying can help your blue French bulldog live longer. Early spaying in a female French bulldog can prevent the infection of the uterus, breast tumors, and unwanted pregnancies. 

But this should not be done before the puppies are at least six months old. Many female dogs carrying puppies or trying to birth them suffer infections and complications leading to their death. So spaying can affect their lifespan considerably.


Your blue French bulldog needs regular visits to the veterinarian to ensure a long and happy life. They need regular deworming, flea treatments, and timely vaccinations to protect them against all kinds of deadly diseases.

Oral care

Dental problem is the most common severe problem in blue French bulldogs. If left untreated dental diseases can progress into an infection of the gums and roots of the teeth and can also be detrimental to your dog’s kidneys, heart, liver, and joints. All these health issues can decrease your dog’s lifespan.

There are several ways to increase the lifespan of your blue French bulldog. It may be tempting to give your buddy food when he looks at you with those beautiful eyes, but refrain from doing that. 

Blue French bulldogs have many physical limitations, so never leave your dog outdoors on a sweltering day or in a hot car and even inside without the air-conditioning turned on. 

Do not physically exert your French bulldog excessively. Always buy your blue French bulldog from a reputable breeder who can perform tests on their breeding stock for certain severe health conditions that could be passed onto the offspring.

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